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Cannot suggest a category for the listing
Cannot suggest a category for the listing

Learn how to find and assign the right category manually

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eBaymag chooses a category for your listing based on its description and title.

But in some cases it doesn't happen:

  • There is not enough information in the item description to match the category

  • You're trying to publish vehicle parts or accessories on Unfortunately, eBaymag doesn't support eBay Motors categories yet. 

In these cases you have to assign the right category manually.

How to assign a category to 1 item

1. Open a listing with the error and click the link "Choose an appropriate category"

2. In a Category field, try to search by keywords and select the most relevant result:

3. If search by keywords doesn't help you to find a relevant one, you can search by category number.

  • Copy your item's name and try to search similar items on the site you want to publish it. 

  • Open one of the most similar items and click on it's category

  • You will be redirected to the right category page. Copy the number of the category from its url: 

  • Paste in a category search field in the eBaymag listing. Voila, the category is found. 

  • Click the "Save" button to publish the item.

How to assign a category to multiple items

1. On the Items page, click on the icon of the site, where the error occurs

2. You will be redirected on the site's page. Tick all the items to which you want to assign a new category

3. And enter a category for them: by keywords, name or number

4. Click "Save changes"

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