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How to edit listings translations
How to edit listings translations

Fix the quality of your listings’ titles, descriptions, and specifics translations

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If you’re not happy with the quality of translations of titles and descriptions on additional sites, you can change them in eBaymag. eBaymag will keep the custom translations until you revise the original listing with new information.

To edit translations, go to the Site page — click on the icon of the enabled site.

Then, select the items which translations you wish to change, and click “Edit translations”. You can edit translations for all items if you don’t select any. You can edit translations only of the listed items.

To edit title, subtitle, description, and specifics translations for this site, click on the desired field and change its value.

Then, click on “Apply changes”.

To view all the translated titles of the items, enable the “Show translated titles” switch.

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