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How to customize the shipping policy for each site
How to customize the shipping policy for each site
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Previously, customization of shipping policies for individual international sites was not possible. With the latest update to our shipping policies interface, you now have the flexibility to manually choose your preferred shipping services for each site.

Understanding the new shipping policies interface:

General Policy:

The information herein is generated from eBay‘s original listing site, which combines shipping, item location, and return data. Changing the General Policy value will automatically update shipping policies on all other international sites but not the original site.

Original Site Shipping Policy:

The site with a yellow message box represents the original site's shipping policy, indicating that the products are imported from this eBay website to eBaymag.

International Sites Shipping Policy:

This shipping policy information has been generated by the General Policy for international sites.

For listings from other sites (HK/PL/NL/PH/IE/Motors...), you can find information about the original shipping policy on eBay under the 'Other Site' column."

Original Site (View Only):

On the original site tab, you'll find eBay's shipping policy details, just like on eBay itself including policy description, shipping service and price, and excluded countries etc.

Take note: The information on this page is for viewing only and cannot be edited.

General Policy (Editable):

Under the General Policy tab, you can access policy details such as description, tariffs, excluded countries, item location, and return options, which are derived from the shipping policy set on the original site. You can edit the information on this page, and if you update it, changes will automatically apply to other international sites.

Take note: If you've enabled the ‘Adjust shipping policy on international site’ button on a international site, updating the general policy won't impact that specific international site.

International Site Policy (Editable):

Under the international Site tab, you will find the 'Adjust shipping policy on international site' button.

By default, the button is turned off, and all the fields are displayed as non-editable (greyed out). Once you enable this button, you will have the ability to edit the shipping policy for this site.

The default shipping policy covers only domestic shipping.

International shipping options and excluded countries are generated if you specify other countries on the Sites page.

If you haven't enabled the site on eBaymag, the policy won't be generated. You'll see a message stating ‘This site is not active’.

How to customize the international site shipping policy?

  1. Turn on the ‘Adjust shipping policy on international site’ button for the international site to customize its shipping policy.

  2. You can update the handling time, shipping service, price, ship-to country, and excluded countries.

Please note:

• You can also turn on this button for multiple sites at once. After editing multiple sites, click 'Apply changes' to save them.

• Once modified, the relevant content will be automatically updated onto international site(s), and the revised shipping policy will be applicable to the active listings accordingly.

• If you turn on the ‘Adjust shipping policy on international site’ button, any changes made to the General Policy will no longer affect shipping policy on this site.

• Turning on this button means you've started customizing the shipping policy for this specific site, and it will no longer manage by the General Policy and being influenced by other shipping settings on eBaymag.

How to revert to General Policy settings?

If the button is initially activated and later deactivated, the system will automatically revert to the General Policy’s setting and regenerate the shipping policy for this international site. This also means that it will synchronizes the updates to the respective eBay site.

Manual Created Shipping Policy on eBaymag:

Manually created eBaymag shipping policies maintain full functionality without displaying the original site's policy. You have the flexibility to either modify the General policy for all sites or customize shipping policies for individual international sites.

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