You can take advantage of eBay and Russian Post integration without publishing items via eBaymag.

  1. On the Orders & Shipping page, chose an order you'd like to send with Russian Post

2. Click the "Send with Russian Post or EMS" button

3. Specify all the required information about the parcel: 

  • Dispatch type. It can be a small package up to 2 kg, a huge parcel up to 20 kg or EMS parcel up to 31.5 kg.

  • Category: Sale of goods or a gift

  • Containment of the parcel for invoice. Don't forget to fill in the weight so eBaymag could calculate a shipping price

  • A payment method: you can pay online or at the office. At the office, you can also pay with stamps 20% cheaper. Total shipping price will be recalculated in the post office.

4. When all required information is filled, click the "Checkout delivery" button.

5. Your order has been registered. All you need to do now is to print out the shipping form and take the package with the shipping form to the post office. The package will be available for purchase at the on the spot.

6. If you selected online payment option, click the "Pay online" button. You will be redirected to Russian Post website for payment.

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