After registration and onboarding, you proceed to the Items page where you can see all of your imported items. If you have no items yet or none of them were imported, read how to add items.

1. To turn on a regional site and list all your items on it, just click the site's icon. You will be asked how many items you'd like to list.

2. To list items one by one, click on its switchers under the preferred sites.

3. Edit your item's description and settings. Click on any item to open the window with its full description and edit any parameters you want. Important: the description will change for listings created in eBaymag, but remains the same in your original listing on eBay.

4. Import or manually add more items. Click the "Add items" button to import more items from eBay or Excel file or create them manually in eBaymag. Learn more.

5. Sync inventory stock from eBay. Sometimes it happens that you have updated your items' information on eBay but it remains the same in eBaymag listings. Click the "Sync stock" button to keep your listings relevant. Important! Synchronization only works from original eBay items to eBaymag listings.

6. Filter your items. With the filter, you can select the proper items by name, cost, a listing's status and other parameters, and then edit a group as a whole.

7. Change sorting options to "Recent first" if you want to see recently created items in the top of the list or "Popular first" if you'd like to see which ones sales better. The popularity calculation algorithm is based on your previous sales history.

8. Edit items in bulk. You can tick one, several or all items to publish on any site, edit the quantity, assign a shipping policy, archive or delete them.

9. There is another useful way to edit items for a particular site. Click on the icon of the enabled site.

You'll be redirected on this site's page. Here you're able to mass-edit all the listings created on this siteā€“to choose right categories, set prices or allow paid insertion options if you're out of free listings.

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