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How to import new items from eBay
How to import new items from eBay

Created new items on eBay? Learn how to import them to eBaymag

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Original site — the site from which you have imported your listings to eBaymag — is our ultimate source of actual information about your listings. Every time you create a new listing on the original eBay site, eBaymag downloads it and add it to your items list. You can set whether this should happen automatically or manually on the Settings page:

We recommend enabling this option to keep your eBaymag stock up-to-date.

You can also set up auto-listing of newly imported items to all the sites you enabled on Sites page. Items would be auto-listed until zero insertion fee items limit on each site is reached.

If you still prefer manual update, or just want to start the new items import immediately:

1. On the Items page, click the "eBay to eBaymag" button and select "Import more items"

2. In the window that opens, select the eBay sites where you have placed your items before and where you want to import from.

3. When the site is selected, click "Start"

4. Wait until the import is finished.

If an item have not been imported, it could be because:

- An item with that Item ID or UUID has already been imported to eBaymag

- The listings may have been removed from publication or a different error has occurred

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