Every month you get a number of Zero Insertion Fee Listings from eBay. The number varies depending on which international eBay website you post your listings and whether you are a business seller.

The number of Zero Insertion Fee Listings depends on listing site, your account type, your registration site, Store subscription level, and available promotional offers. You can find basic amount of free listings in this article and check Seller Hub (it's different for each regional site) for Promotional offers.

To fix this error and list more items, you can:

  • Buy a eBay Store subscription or

  • Allow paid insertion

How to allow paid insertion for 1 item

1. In the item, click the "Allow paid insertion" link

2. Toggle the switcher, then click "Save". The amount of an insertion fee for a particular site is specified in a table above.

How to allow paid insertion for multiple items

1. On the Items page, click on the icon of the site, where this kind of error occurs

2. You will be redirected on the site's page. Tick as many items as you want or use the mass-select option

3. Toggle "Paid insertion" switcher and click "Apply changes"

There is one more way to raise the limit of free listings. You can use multi-account feature and link to eBaymag multiple accounts with subscriptions. Learn more

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