Shipping policies and geography

Each item is imported from eBay with its shipping policy, which can be seen in the last column on the Items page. The shipping policy describes shipping geography, tariffs, and the return policy. 

How to change and configure shipping policies

All shipping policies for all items are collected on the Shipping Policies page:

To edit an existing shipping policy, click on its name and make changes in the description that opens.

Changes will be applied to listings created in eBaymag, but the policy remains the same in original listings. 

You can create a new shipping policy by clicking the "Create shipping policy" button.

To assign this new policy to existing listings, go back to the Items page, select all the items you wish to assign a policy to and choose the new policy from the list.

Then click "Apply changes"

Pre-defined shipping policies

eBaymag has a list of pre-defined shipping policies you can use:

  • Free / 30 days — Free shipping worldwide up to 30 days without a return option.
  • Russian Post up to 250g — Small packages up to 250g with a worldwide shipping option at the standard rate of Russian Post (available for Russia only).
  • Free + Expedited (DHL up to 2kg) — Shipments up to 2 kg with 2 options for buyers to choose from: 2–4 days with DHL Express or 21 days free economy shipping (available for Russia only).
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