After publishing listings via eBaymag, lots of business policies were created in my account. Why?

When you publish listings via eBaymag, business policies are automatically created, and shipping exclusions are added to original listings on eBay. This is absolutely normal.
When you make any changes to shipping tariffs, excluded countries, return or payment options via eBaymag, the tool sends the affected listings to eBay for revise. eBaymag has no control over creating policies on the eBay site’s side. eBay creates these policies based on your listing settings.

You can audit policies on eBay:
1. Check and delete all the policies you don't use.
2. Apply updated policies on the “Items” page in eBaymag
3. After that all the changes are sent to the eBay sites and you can put business policies in order, e.g. remove the policies that are used for 0 listings.

Why are there shipping exclusions in my eBaymag listings?

Those exclusions help listings to comply with eBay Duplicate listings policy and prevent buyers from seeing all localized versions of each listing on the original site.

When you publish a listing on a new site, the main country is excluded from the original item shipping policy. For example, if you have your item listed on the UK site ( with international shipping and you list this item via eBaymag on the DE site (, Germany will be excluded from the shipping countries list in your original listing on the UK site. As for a listing on the DE site, there will be exclusions to the rest of the countries where you list internationally with eBaymag, i.e. to ES, FR, IT, plus, to the original UK listing.

You can set up shipping geography for each site manually on the Sites page:

I see a notification about return period problems. What should I do?

Different eBay sites and categories have different requirements for shipping policies. E.g. most categories on European sites require a return option and so you will see a notification:

There are 4 steps to setting up a return option for your listings:

1. Click the link in the notification. A product card will scroll down to a shipping policy option.

2. Click your shipping policy to edit it

3. In the shipping policy, select a return option and click "Save". A return option will be added to a policy and all cross-listings to which it applies.

4. Go back to your listing and try publishing it again

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