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How to set up different shipping prices for different sites
How to set up different shipping prices for different sites
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Shipping policies define geography, pricing and return options for each type of item you sell. To set up different shipping prices for different sites, we recommend creating a new shipping policy in eBaymag or add tariffs to an existing one. This is how to do it.

1.Open the Shipping Policies page in the Orders & Shipping tab

2. Click the "Create shipping policy" button or one of the existing policies you'd like to edit. A window with a policy description should open.

3. To set up different prices for different countries, select the pricing option named "Cost varies by buyer location and shipping service".

4. This is your tariff planner. You can assign different prices and shipping times depending on the buyers' location. The default region is "Worldwide". Click on it to specify another shipping region.

5. In the window that opens, select the regions for which you'd like to add a separate shipping price and time. We recommend selecting continents, not particular countries. Then click the "Select" button.

6. Don't forget to specify shipping price and time for the selected region.

7. Click "Add service" to add another tariff for one more region. You can add up to 5 different tariffs.

8. For example, below is a set of shipping tariffs with different prices for Americas + Australia, Asia and the rest of the world.

9. By clicking the "Excluded countries" button, you can exclude countries you don't want to ship to.

10. The last step is setting up your location and return options. We recommend choosing a 30-day returns option as it is suitable for shipping in most countries and helps you qualify for Top Rated Seller Benefits.

Click "Save" when your shipping policy is ready.

11. A new shipping policy has been created successfully.

12. Go to the "Items" page to assign the policy to as many items as you want.

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