Click on the user icon in the upper menu and select your account name to proceed to the Account page

On the Account page, find your current PayPal account and click the "Change..." button

In the window that opens you will see all the PayPal accounts that have been linked to your eBay account at different times. Choose one of the existing accounts or click the "Add new PayPal" button to link a new one

Enter the email linked to your new PayPal account, and click "Request a change"

Request to change your PayPal account has been sent. We will call you for confirmation within a week.

When the account is confirmed we will send you the notification by email.
Also you will see a notification in eBaymag. By clicking "Select a primary account" you will proceed to the Account page again to select the new account.

Please note, that the new PayPal account will only apply to new listings created via eBaymag. To apply it to old ones, you will have to delete your eBaymag account and create it again.

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