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How to quickly transfer your listings from one eBay site to another
How to quickly transfer your listings from one eBay site to another

Would you like to sell your items on instead of or other international eBay site? We know how to copy them quickly

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Register to eBaymag:

1. On click the "Sign in via eBay" button

2. You'll be redirected to eBay. Sign in using your login and password

3. Let eBay share your account data with eBaymag by clicking "I agree"

4. Great, your eBaymag account has been created. Wait until your listings are imported from eBay. Importing usually takes from 1 minute to half an hour

5. After the import is completed, read about how eBaymag works and finish onboarding (you can skip it by unselecting all the items on the 2nd step and clicking the "Finish" button)

Good job, now all your items are copied to eBaymag as drafts

Now, go to the Settings page by selecting this option via the upper menu

On the Settings page, deselect the switcher for archiving option.

If you don't want to exceed your selling limits and to keep your listings on the original site, first end them on eBay. You can do it on this page (My eBay / Selling). Note: The insertion fees will not be refunded when you end your "Good 'Til Cancelled" listing but you will not be charged for another 30-day cycle.

When all listings are ended on the original site, you can easily list them on others. Just tick the mass-edit checkbox and toggle the switcher under the sites you want to list your items on

That's it, your items are successfully copied from one site to another!

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