eBaymag is an eBay-owned free application for sellers that makes selling internationally much easier.

It grants sellers possibilities to:

- List items on 8 eBay sites: US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, AU, CA

- Upload listings in bulk using an excel template

- Manage orders and optimize shipping: add tracking numbers, combine items into a single shipment, set up shipping with Russian Post and DHL (available in Russia only)

Designed for:

- Sellers who are ready to interact with foreign customers and ship items worldwide

- Sellers with revenues from $1000 per month and up to 10 000 items in stock

- Sellers who use the Fixed-price format to list items (importing auctions with a Buy it Now price is also possible).

How eBaymag works

Any eBay seller can use eBaymag to sell items worldwide. 3 easy steps to get started:

1. Go to https://ebaymag.com and click the "Sign in via eBay" button in the upper right corner.

2. Log in to your eBay account and wait until eBaymag imports listings you already have.

3. Turn on the regional sites where you'd like to list items first. eBaymag will provide some tips on which sites are more efficient; a special algorithm will help you to select the listings with highest international appeal.

After that, eBaymag will create copies of the original listings adapted to the requirements of the selected regional sites:

- Translate all the selected listings, their titles, descriptions and specifics

- Select categories for each regional site

- Convert product prices to the currency, accepted by the corresponding site

- Publish new listings on the selected sites in the “Good 'Til Cancelled” format

All created listings will be synchronized automatically across eBay sites to maintain consistent descriptions and inventory quantity.

Once listings are created, a seller can work on incoming orders in eBaymag. Specifically, you can add tracking numbers, combine orders, set up shipping with Russian Post and DHL (available in Russia only).

Step-by-step guide on adding your seller account

1. On https://ebaymag.com click the "Sign in via eBay" button.

2. Sign in to eBay using your login and password.

3. Let eBay share your account data with eBaymag by clicking "I agree".

4. Great, your eBaymag account has been created. Wait until your listings are imported from eBay. Import usually takes from 1 minute to half an hour.

5. When the import is finished, you will be redirected to the onboarding flow.
Select additional sites to list your items on. On this step, we offer you a few international eBay sites with highest selling rates.

We recommend choosing ebay.com, ebay.co.uk and ebay.de as these sites have a larger audience and usually more zero insertion fee listings available.
After selecting sites, click the "Continue onboarding" button.

6. Chose the items you want to list on selected sites and click the "List items" button.

7. After registration and onboarding, you proceed to the Items page where you can see all of your imported listings and choose more sites to sell on. Soon, all the previously selected items will be listed. While they're listing, you will see a clock icon.

8. To view the listing created on a new site, click on the item and scroll down to the site section. Then click the "View" link.

Clicking will open the eBay page with the listing you created. The item description is translated into the site language, and the currency is converted at the latest exchange rate.

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