Original site — the site from which you have imported your listings to eBaymag.
Original listings — listings that have been imported from the original eBay site for copying to additional sites.
Additional/regional site — the site to which you copy your listings using eBaymag.
Listings on additional sites (cross-listings) — copies of your original listings published on additional sites.

How the synchronization works

eBaymag supports the following types of synchronization with eBay:

  • Synchronization of all parameters during the import (eBay → eBaymag)
    When importing, eBaymag creates copies of your original listings on its side. Original listings on eBay will not be changed.

  • Synchronization of all information about items (eBay → eBaymag)
    The original site is our ultimate source of actual information about your listings. Every time you revise a listing on the original eBay site, eBaymag downloads the changes and distributes them to listings on other sites. However, this doesn't happen automatically: you have to click the "Update items content" button for the changes to be propagated. Synchronizing items is one-way and only works from the original eBay site to eBaymag. If you change the price or other parameters of an item in eBaymag, they will change in all the listings created via eBaymag, but remain the same on the original site. Because of this, we recommend to make all changes only on the original site, and then click the "Update items content" or "Update quantities" button (depending on what you changed) in eBaymag. When you click it, all eBaymag listings will be overwritten with current information from eBay.

  • Synchronization of quantities after selling (eBay → eBaymag, eBaymag → eBay) Quantities are synchronized across all sites. If you sold an item on one site, the changes will also appear in the eBaymag interface and on additional sites. Stock changes may be delayed for up to 2 hours. We recommend changing your inventory manually only on the original eBay site.

  • Synchronization of translations (eBay cross-listings → eBaymag)
    If you're not happy with the quality of translations of titles and descriptions on additional sites, you can change them directly on eBay. When you revise your listings, eBaymag will pull up any changed translations. They will be kept updated until you revise the original listing with new information.

  • Synchronization of item availability (eBay → eBaymag)
    If you delist an original listing, we also delist all its copies on additional sites and archive the item. To access the archive, click the filter button and select Archived. Lean more about archiving
    If an item has run out of stock, but you haven't delisted the listing on eBay (knowing that it will be replenished in foreseeable future), we'll also set the item to "0" on additional sites, but won't delist it. You can't delist the original listing via eBaymag.

  • Synchronization of shipping countries (eBaymag → eBay cross-listings)
    eBaymag enforces the eBay duplicate listing policy which states that an item can only be sold into a given country on a single international eBay site. Automatic exclusions protect your account from being blocked and prevent the buyers’ search results from being filled with multiple copies of the same listing in different languages.
    Exclusions are added automatically upon items being listed on new sites. For example, if you first list an item with international shipping on ebay.co.uk then list it on ebay.de via eBaymag, Germany will be added to the list of shipping exclusions on ebay.co.uk. But no exclusions will be created in your original listing.

  • Synchronization of shipping policies (eBaymag → eBay cross-listings)
    Shipping policies (business policies) are downloaded from eBay when you list corresponding items on additional sites. If you make changes to the shipping policy on eBaymag, they will apply to all listings on additional sites, but remain the same on the original one. To change the shipping policy everywhere, you'll need to change it on both the original eBay site and eBaymag (or delete your listings from eBaymag and import them again with updated policy).

  • PayPal syncronization (eBaymag → eBay cross-listings)
    Your PayPal is only downloaded when you first sign up in eBaymag, and it doesn't change automatically after that. If you change PayPal in eBaymag, it will apply to all past and future listings created via eBaymag, but remain the same on the original site. If you change PayPal on the original eBay site, you must also change it in eBaymag.

  • Auctions syncronization is currently not working!
    If you have imported items in Auction format to eBaymag, their quantity will not sync across the sites after selling. Also, auctions can only be listed on other sites in Good 'Til Cancelled format.

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